POINT BLANK Logic.™ is two experienced software engineers working on diverse projects.

Our credentials are: MS in Computer Science and Physics from solid universities, and both with 15+ years experience in many different computer languages, tools and methodologies. We have worked for Alcatel, UCLA, and Caltech among others.

Taking full advantage of today's information technologies, we work remotely, usually from the US West Coast time zone (southern California is our common hangout location). We do not exclude the possibility of visiting a client when it can be a productive in person meeting.

Working remotely enables us to be readily available for our clients anywhere their company happens to be located. We are immediately operational to consider and work on your project, with any department of your company. There is no time/money wasted on physical world constraints: commuting of course, setting up an office space, all sorts of unsolicited interruptions that interfere with the workflow, just to list a few...

In our opinion, this is the sensible way to work in this day and age: minimal commute, maximal geographical reach.

One example of the benefits of our approach is to allow us to stop dealing with the irresponsible daily insanity that is rush hour traffic: