All these software projects presented here are work in progress. Some are more promising than others of course, but we are trying them all anyway just to see where they may take us. This is also counting on the fact that even a dormant project can still bring fruitful ideas.
(So far all these projects tend to be online tools where no information about the users are collected at all. We value the idea of maintaining some privacy in this world.)
Please get in touch with us if you are interested in participating in the development of these projects.

On a more general note, we are working on expanding our team and network of collaborators. Here are the desirable elements: 1. financing, 2. marketing skills, and 3. computer programming skills, in that order.

First group: Projects with the most potential, relatively speaking...

  • Modern Supply Chain / Supply Chain 2.0 / Supply Chain Revolution
  • Everbody's Happy™
  • PromoCode™

Second group: The less promising projects and brainstorming territories...

  • Security Scan
  • Annual Mileage Calculator
  • Seeds
  • Snow
  • Bicycle DB
  • Music Scales


Modern Supply Chain / Supply Chain 2.0 / Supply Chain Revolution:
This is a revisit of how supply chains operate. In a way you could look at this as a uber style work organization for all the parts of a supply chain.
But the analogy ends there, because contrary to Uber, this is not a centralized system that coordinate all the teams. The teams are independant and their interactions are fully distributed.

Everybody's Happy™:
This is to help workout the repartition of shares among all the participants of a given project or business endeavour.

We will use it for ourselves, but it is meant to be used by others too. Anyone can participate and become the promoter of a service/product.
A manufacturer, a programmer, or more broadly a creator is basically outsourcing the promotion part of the work.

Security Scan:
Description soon...

Annual Mileage Calculator:

Description soon...

Description soon...

Bicyle DB:
Description soon...

Music Scales:
Description soon...