Our Services:
  1. Software engineering
  2. Consulting
  3. Software to promote
  4. Fund raising / Financially structured contributions


1. Software engineering

One of our activities is to create software solutions for our clients.
Typical assignments are:

  • create Websites with powerful custom technology choices underneath
  • create a proof of concept software
  • design software architecture
  • harness and combine open source tools
  • code with effective documentation for programmers
  • support and maintenance contract for a code we produced
  • operate back-end software systems (sysadmin, dba, devOps)
  • review the current software tool scenery that addresses an identified need
  • assess the feasibility of a computer solution
  • present or offer trainings on technical subjects or software tools

We tend to favor these fields:
  • web technologies
  • distributed systems in general
  • blockchain type of software systems
  • cryptography, encryption & privacy
  • smart contracts
  • FinTech
  • finance (mathematical modeling and CS concepts applications)
  • telecom

Our overall technical approach is summarized on the Solutions page.


2. Consulting

a. Occasional consultations:

Software problems are not something forced on us, unlike legal issues sometimes, just as an example. Therefore we do not feel bad for charging a fee for single consultations.

One software engineering consultation over the phone/skype or in person: $100 USD.
A broad project management tasks layout in written form: $300 USD.
A more in depth investigation to assess the details and ramifications of a project is subject to its difficulty, its complexity, and its scope. This type of consultation with a written reports starts at $1000 USD.

b. Continuous consultations:

We act as consultants on a specific project or one element of a large software project, over a defined period of time.
Please contact us to discuss the matter and agree on a consulting arrangement.


3. Software to Promote

This is a little innovation of ours. Since our strengths are mostly in the *building* part of our software and less in the *promoting* part, we decided to let someone else, who is more skilled than us in marketing, handle the promotion work.
So, if your skills are in promoting/marketing, maybe you could be interested in this idea. Please contact us to know more about what could be possible.

Some of the projects we are working on that could benefit from a promotion effort, are presented on our Projects page.


4. Fund raising / Financially structured contributions

We are working on funding some of our software projects. Please contact us if you are interested in financially structured contributions. Some of the projects we are working on are presented on our Projects page.